The Wall Street Journal Asks If the World Has ‘Too Many Asians’

The Wall Street Journal Asks If the World Has ‘Too Many Asians’

Despite garnering flack for their “timid” coverage of former President Donald Trump, it seems there’s one tough question The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board isn’t afraid to ask — “Are There Too Many Asians?”

Earlier this week, the business outlet’s overlords decided it would be a splendid idea to title an OpEd penned by ex-POTUS George W. Bush’s speechwriter, William McGurn, with the *very* bold inquiry, days after a Lunar New Year mass shooting shook the Asian community in Monterey Park, California.

Though McGurn’s column criticized the West’s population-related fear-mongering, it seems the offending title, which has since been edited on their website, remaining only on their online print-edition archive, left the sour taste of (hopefully inadvertent) genocide in readers’ mouths.

Alongside dunking on the *very* unfortunate advertisement paired with the already *very* unfortunately titled piece, others slamming the WSJ and McGurn, condemning their decision to run a piece with a title that sounds like it stemmed from an ultra-racist Saturday Night Live skit about Gwen Stefani composing an offensive follow-up to Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks.”

“‘Are There Too Many Asians?’ there are a lot fewer after this weekend bill, you unholy ****,” Twitter user @ruemcclammyhand commented alongside McGurn’s post promoting his piece.

“William McGurn’s going to William McBurn (in hell, hopefully as soon as possible),” added @shingenderrobo.

WSJ staffers, if you’re reading this, remember:  Brevity and lack of genocide are the keys to successful headlines! 


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January 25, 2023 at 10:12AM

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