The 7 Best Apple TV 4K Accessories

The 7 Best Apple TV 4K Accessories

For anyone in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple TV 4K is a perfect streaming device for your living room. Along with all the TV shows and movies you can imagine, it is also a great way to enjoy other services like Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness+.

To make the Apple TV 4K experience even better, here are some of the best accessories available.

Along with Apple Arcade, there is a wide variety of other games available to play on the Apple TV 4K. And you might not know that many of those games can be played with a gaming controller for better control. One of the best available is from a familiar name. The PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller uses textured grip sticks for greater precision. It also offers an integrated touchpad and motion sensor.

Between gaming sessions, you can recharge the controller with any USB-C cable. Along with the PS4 and PS5, you can also use the controller to play games on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. There are a wide variety of controller colors to select from.

While it might cost a bit more than other Apple TV-compatible controllers, the PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller offers a comfortable and precise way to enjoy almost any game you could imagine.

Key Features

  • Wireless gaming controller compatible with Apple devices along with the PS4 and PS5
  • Textured grip sticks for greater precision
  • Integrated touchpad and motion sensor

  • Brand: Sony
  • Platform: Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, iPad, PS4, PS5
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

  • Available in a number of color combinations
  • Charges with any USB-C cable
  • Can also be used to play games with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac

  • Expensive compared to other Apple TV-compatible game controllers
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PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

Especially with a wall-mounted TV, you’re always wanting the cleanest installation possible. And with the TotalMount Apple TV Mount, you can keep the Apple TV 4K out of the way.

There are three different ways to use the mount. First, you can use adhesive to attach the mount to the rear of the TV. You can also use hooks to attach the mount to your TV vents. Finally, you can use the included screws for a wall mount. All hardware is included.

The mount option is compatible with all three generations of Apple TV 4K. To protect the Apple TV 4K, ventilation channels allow cool air to glow under the hardware.

The TotalMount Apple TV Mount provides an easy way to find the perfect place for your Apple TV 4K, especially with the three mounting options.

Key Features

  • Mount for Apple TV 4K designed for wall-mounted TVs
  • Compatible with all Apple TV 4K models
  • Allows quick access to the TVs HDMI port

  • Brand: Total Mount
  • Weight: 2.88oz
  • Compatible with: All Apple TV 4K models, Apple TV HD

  • Offers three mounting options
  • Ventilation channels allow cooling for the Apple TV 4K
  • All mounting hardware provided

  • The adhesive is strong and difficult to remove from the rear of the TV
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TotalMount Apple TV Mount

The included Siri Remote is the best way to control and interact with the Apple TV 4K, it can sometimes get lost or get damaged with a drop or something else. But you can protect it with the elago R1 Siri Remote Case.

A layer of silicone helps protect the remote and makes it easier to hold. It also offers a built-in strap and cutouts for both the remote sensor and charging port. Magnets in the case also allow you to stick the remote and case to any metal surface and even some televisions. You can select from one of the five colors of the case.

For just a few bucks, the elago R1 Siri Remote Case can help protect the small and expensive remote.

Key Features

  • Siri Remote case compatible with the 2022 and 2021 models
  • Cutouts for the remote sensor and Siri button
  • Protect the Siri Remote from drops and dings

  • Brand: elago
  • Color: Black, indigo, blue, yellow, red
  • Weight: 1.76oz

  • Powerful magnets allow the case to stick to any metal surface
  • Available in five colors
  • Included strap to help keep the remote safe and secure

  • No optional AirTag tracking like some cases
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elago R1 Siri Remote Case

If you need to take the Apple TV 4K while traveling, take a look at the RLSOCO Hard Case. The case is made for the Apple TV 4K and even the Apple TV HD. Inside the case, a molded case and adhesive strap will keep the steaming box safe and secure. There is also a specific slot for the Siri Remote.

On top of the case, there is a top pocket to hold an HDMI cable and more. A middle pad protects the steaming box from scratches. The case exterior is made with water-resistant material and also sports a built-in and adjustable hand strap.

With its strong build quality and space for the Apple TV 4K and more, the RLSOCO Hard Case is a travel companion you don’t want to miss.

Key Features

  • Carrying case for the Apple TV 4K
  • Dedicated space for Siri Remote and additional cables
  • Case exterior is water resistant

  • Materials: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Number of Color/Pattern Options: Black
  • Brand: RLSOCO

  • Interior hard density foam protects Apple TV and other contents
  • Built-in adjustable hand strap
  • Also compatible with the Apple TV HD

  • Not needed if you don’t plan on traveling with your Apple TV 4K
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RLSOCO Hard Case for Apple TV 4K

It might come as a bit of a surprise, but the one essential accessory you need for the Apple TV—an HDMI cable—isn’t included with the streaming box. But the Amazon Basics HDMI Cable provides an inexpensive way to get the Apple TV 4K connected to your TV. The cable is compatible with 4K video at 60Hz and provides up to 48-bit deep color. It also supports Audio Return Channel.

The cable is available in either black or white to better fit into your home entertainment system. It’s also made for use on a wall for a cleaner installation. Depending on your setup, you can purchase the cable in a number of lengths.

Even though there is a huge number of choices in a wide variety of price ranges, the Amazon Basics HDMI Cable will provide everything you need to get started with your Apple TV 4K.

Key Features

  • HDMI cable to connect Apple TV 4K to your TV
  • Compatible with 4K video at 60Hz with 48-bit deep color
  • Supports Audio Return Channel

  • Length(s): 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, 25ft
  • Brand: Amazon

  • Available in a wide variety of lengths
  • Made for use inside a wall
  • Can choose from a black or white version of the cable

  • Not compatible with 120Hz content

Apple is making it easier to find your lost objects with the AirTag or Find My functionality built into AirPods. But when it comes to the Siri Remote, if it’s lost under the bed or between couch cushions, you’re out of luck. But the Spigen Apple TV Siri Remote Case has a great trick up its sleeve.

A small pouch on the bottom of the case allows you to bring an AirTag of your own to help track the remote. The silicone case is designed to be easy to hold, and for extra added protection, you can even use the built-in wrist strap.

While we can dream of a day when Apple includes built-in tracking technology for the Siri Remote, the Spigen Apple TV Siri Remote Case provides the next best thing.

Key Features

  • Siri Remote case with built-in pouch for AirTag
  • Silicone case protects the case for everyday drops
  • Designed to it snugly around the remote

  • Brand: Spigen
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 1.3oz

  • Smooth texture helps make it easy to hold
  • Built-in wrist strap
  • Raised Siri button insert makes it easy to find
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Spigen Apple TV Siri Remote Case

While you can easily use the Apple TV 4K with a booming home theater system, there might be times when you want to listen to a movie or TV show without disturbing everyone in the home. Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 provides top-notch, wireless sound with Active Noise Cancellation technology.

Just like with other Apple devices, the H2 chip in the earbuds makes fit easy to quickly connect to the Apple TV. While listening, you can just say “Hey, Siri” to interact with the virtual assistant.

The headphones can provide up to six hours of playback on a single charge. Use the included charging case for an additional 24 hours of listening. Everything can be charged with a Lighting cable, regular Qi charger, MagSafe charger, or even an Apple Watch charger.

If you have an Apple TV 4K and other Apple devices, the AirPods Pro 2 are the perfect companion for private listening.

Key Features

  • H2 chip
  • ANC
  • Includes four silicone tips
  • Personalized Spatial Audio

  • Brand: Apple
  • Battery Life: 6 hours with headphones, additional 24 hours with charging case
  • Additional Tips: XS, S, M, L
  • Noise Cancellation: ANC
  • Charging Case: Yes
  • Wireless charging: Yes
  • Weight: 0.176oz

  • Auto-wear detection
  • The case and buds are water-resistant
  • Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging

  • Requires a third-party app to customize EQ


Q: What Can You Do with the Apple TV 4K?

The Apple TV 4K is similar to other streaming boxes on the market like options from Roku or Amazon. You can connect it to a TV and gain access to a host of streaming options like Netflix and many others.

You can also download apps and more to interact with on the big screen.

Q: What Does Apple Provide Along with the Apple TV 4K?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t include any accessories with the Apple TV 4K. Along with the streaming box itself, Apple includes a power cord for the box along with the Siri Remote.

The most essential item you’ll need is an HDMI cable to attach the Apple TV 4K to your TV.

Q: How Do You Charge the Apple TV’s Siri Remote?

The Apple TV Siri Remote uses a rechargeable battery. Apple says you’ll need to charge it a few times a year with normal use. To do that, you’ll need a USB-C cable or Lightning cable depending on what model of remote you have. Charging a completely dead remote takes around 2.5 hours.


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