[Multiple] Week of 26th of January to 1st of February grocery round up (QUEBEC) Amazon Deals of the day | Discount | Coupon Codes

[Multiple] Week of 26th of January to 1st of February grocery round up (QUEBEC)


4.77/lb*Chicken breasts, same@Adonis
1.88Red/green grapes
2.44Eggs large 12pack
1.50*Habitant soup can
6.99Raw wild shrimps 300g
3.49Planters cashews 200g
2.99*Coke/Pepsi 6x710ml BONUS 8 000PCO per 20$ spent on 6x710ml products
1.50PC kettle cooked chips, same@Provigo
3.49Kraft Singles 22pack/Cheez Whiz
5 000PCO for every 12$ spent on Kellogg’s, Pringles, Cheez-it etc snacks
4.99*Source yogurt 16pack/Activia 12pack BONUS 6 000PCO per 12$ spent on source/Activia
15 000PCO per 100$ in Apple, Google, Playstation etc GC
6 000PCO per 12$ spent on SILK yogurt
4.89Natrel PLUS protein milk 2L

1.74/lbWhole chicken
7.99/lbRibeye steak
2.88Potatoes 10lb
1.99Lettuce 2pack
4.44Selection butter
2.77/lbPork side ribs
7.99Flamingo wings
6.99/lbRibeye roast
9.99Pepsi 24pack
6$OFF misc 4L wine
3/8.88Misc Lay’s family size chips

7.99/lbPrime rib steak/roast
10.99Smoked frozen salmon 300g
3.44/lbLarge cherries
1.68/lbBroccoli crowns/Tomatoes
4.44Petit QC cheese
4.44Nestle Real dairy
2.77La Parisienne/Artic Power 30-38loads
0.99Compliments tuna cans 170g
2.99Activia yogurt tub 650g

14.99PC TP 100pack, PCO
6.99*PC misc frozen meals, PCO
1.99/lbPorkloin/sirloin chops
5.99PC OJ 2.63L, BONUS 2 000PCO
4.44Breyers style cremerie
12.99Five Roses flour 10kg
2.99Post misc cereal
5.99Delissio pizza
1.99PC misc frozen veggies, PCO
1.50PC Kettle cooked chips, PCO, same@Maxi
5 000PCO for every 12$ spent on Kellogg’s, Pringles, Cheez-it etc snacks
15 000PCO per 100$ in Apple, Google, Playstation etc GC
4.99Fairlife protein milk 1.5L

2/4.00*Onions/Carrots 5lb
3.99/lbBottom blade roast
3.99/lbfresh pork tenderloin
2/3.00Broccoli crowns
3.88Selection bacon 375g
4.77Kraft PB 1kg/Hazelnut 725g, same@Adonis

1.49/lbRoma tomatoes
4.77/lb*Chicken breasts, same@Maxi
6.97/lbSpencer steaks
4.77/lbKraft PB 1kg, same@Metro
2/4.00Phoenicia yogurt tub 750g
12.99/lbBeef tenderloin

Marche PA :
1.99/lbBell peppers all colors, same@Walmart
2.99Romaine hearts 3pack
2.99/lbFresh boneless pork chops
2/9.00Lactantia butter
0.99Nupak bean cans

1.94/lbBell peppers all colors, same@PA
1.87/lbChicken drumsticks/thighs
0.97*Clover Leaf tuna cans 170g/Brunswick sardines
0.98Michelina’s frozen meal
2.47Quebon 10% cream 1L
4/10.00Chunky soup cans
2.97Jumbo pineapple
8.77Purex detergent 110loads
0.88Colgate basic toothpaste
88.00Keurig K-Compact

KIM PHAT : Kiming soon
Pharmaprix : Coming soon

Poultry : Chicken breasts@Maxi/Adonis, Drumsticks/thighs@Walmart
Red meat : Prime rib/steak@IGA, Ribeye steak/roast@Super C
Eggs : 12pack@Maxi
Canned : Clover Leaf tuna@Walmart. Compliments tuna@IGA
Dairy : Activia/Source yogurts@Maxi, Natrel milk@Maxi
Veggies : Mushrooms/Cherries/Tomatoes@Super C, Onions/Carrots@Metro

GREAT SALE, SEVERAL ALL-TIME LOWS (in recent years anyway) at Maxi and Super C such as the soft drinks, yogurts they are already well priced but now have bonus PCO at Maxi. Also new BEST VALUE section. Will not add T&T as it is expensive as hell.

BEST VALUE section added.

As requested by @Rngmonster13, a * next to the price means either best price in recent memory, a great value or my top pick.

While I try to be as consistent as possible with the ‘same@’, It can be tricky at times especially when it comes to fruits/meat/veggies as quality can vary from grocer to grocer. It can also be confusing with veggies that come in 1/2/3/5/10lb packages and items like TP that come in so many packages/sizes/softness/absorbency.

Furthermore, quantity and ‘freedom of choice’ is always better AKA 1$ for 1kg is better than 2$ for 2kg- It’s expected the higher size/package to have a better price. Also, items that can be picked (fruits etc) for x$ is better than the prepackaged at the same price/weight.

Lastly, I usually give PCO points at almost face $ value AKA item at 2$ is almost the same as 3$ with bonus 1000PCO. I say almost because of taxes and/or how you spend those PCO points (bonus points day, spend x$ get xPCO back.)

Note : This thread usually goes online at 5:00am on Wednesday. Walmart and Kim Phat usually have their flyers online on Thursday and will be updated accordingly.
Link to last week : 19th to 25th

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