Funny Memes to Help You Over the Proverbial Hump

Funny Memes to Help You Over the Proverbial Hump

It is Wednesday, my dudes. If you’ve spent any time on Reddit over the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the inside joke, which originated in the r/me_irl subreddit. Frogs, toads, and Redditors aside, Wednesday is supposedly a day worth celebrating. But we don’t really see it. Wednesday is a marker, a reminder that there’s still half a week left of working – at least, that is, if you’re a 9-5 office drone like we are here at Memebase. 

To celebrate "hump day" is to feed into the system. You see, if we were able to enjoy a four-day workweek, we wouldn’t have any humps at all. But we’d probably find something to complain about, right? Instead of focusing on all the negatives in life, why not take a break and enjoy some easy humor in the form of memes? 


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January 25, 2023 at 07:32AM

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