A priest dies and goes to Heaven

A priest dies and goes to Heaven


As he’s waiting for his turn at the pearly gates, he notices a sign saying that each individual’s experience in eternity will depend on how they have impacted people’s lives on Earth. This sight pleases him as his occupation is highly regarded in the Christian faith, so the pinnacle of heavenly bliss is all but assured for him.

The man standing in front of him is a cab driver, who looks quite unkempt, has terrible body odor, and speaks in very crude language. The priest scoffs at the sight of him, fully expecting him to get the bare-bones treatment, if not sent to hell.

Once it’s the cab driver’s turn, St. Peter opens his book, and says “Because of your great impact on Earth, I’m assigning you a beautiful mansion on a hill that overlooks the ocean.” The priest, although shocked at hearing what the cab driver was given, became quite excited, thinking to himself “If such scum can earn a reward so grand, I can’t begin to imagine what will be given to me!”

As the priest approached the gates, St. Peter opened his book, found the priest’s name, and said “Father, because of your limited impact on Earth, you are assigned a ground-floor studio apartment within the inner city that has a view of the building across the street and nothing more.”

“LIMITED?!” The priest furiously thought to himself. Upon hearing this news, he took a moment to regain his composure and said to St. Peter: “My lord, being a pious man of God I will not dispute the decision of my eternal fate set by the forces that I have dedicated my earthly life to serving, but I must ask, why give me such poor treatment while the cab driver is treated so highly?”

St. Peter answered: “Father, the cab driver’s violent driving caused each one of his passengers to pray and make peace with God should they perish. Whenever you, however, gave your sermons, all your congregation did was fall asleep.”

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