Best Black Friday dash cam deals: Big savings from Amazon and Best Buy

Best Black Friday dash cam deals: Big savings from Amazon and Best Buy

It’s Black Friday and that means it’s the best time of the year to find deals on dash cams. Retailers are offering killer deals on everything from modest mini-cams to 4K front and rearview models.

Still, not all dash cam deals are actually worth the savings. When shopping for a dash cam, it’s important to know what deal is truly a great value. To help, we’ve curated a list of the very best Black Friday dash cam deals—hardware that’s both high-quality and actually selling at a legitimate discount.

If you want to see our top dash cam picks, see our rankings of the best dash cams of 2022. And if you’re looking for deals in other tech categories, check out PCWorld’s complete Black Friday coverage.

Best Black Friday dash cam deals

A few of our favorite dash cam brands are on sale, and we expect more to come through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If any of the deals below catch your eye, it’s probably best to purchase them sooner rather than later, as stock can sell out quickly.

  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini, 1080p front view/no LCD screen, $109.99 (15% off on Amazon)
  • Kingslim D4, 4K front and rearview/3-inch LCD touch screen, $111.53 (20% off on Amazon)
  • iZeeker, 1080p front view/3-inch LCD, $31.99 (36% off on Amazon)
  • Cobra SC100, 1080p front view, $79.95 (38% off on Amazon)
  • Viofo A119, 1440p front view/2-inch LCD screen, $79.92 (33% off on Amazon)
  • Nextbase 320XR, 1080p front and rearview/2.5-inch LCD screen, $99.99 (44% off on BestBuy)
  • Rexing V1P, 4K front and rearview/2.4-inch LCD screen, $99.99 (41% off on BestBuy)
  • Nextbase 622GW, 4K front and rearview/3-inch LCD screen, $299.99 (25% off on BestBuy)
  • VAVA VD009, 2K front and rearview/2-inch LCD screen, $56.99 (59% off on Newegg)
  • Vantrue N4, 1440p front and rearview/2.4-inch LCD screen, $194.99 (25% off on Newegg)

Mini-cams are great if you’re looking for something small and discrete and the VAVA VD009 is a great option at 59% off on Newegg. Alternatively, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini is an easy-to-use mini-cam with extra features such as voice control and a wide 140-degree field of view currently on sale for 15% off on Amazon.

If you need a premium cam with the best video quality available, then you should consider the Nextbase 622GW. It’s one of our all-time favorite dashcams capable of recording crystal-clear 4K video and it’s currently on sale for 25% off on BestBuy.



Are Black Friday dash cam deals worth it?

Absolutely! Black Friday is the perfect time to score a great deal on a dash cam. But be careful as some retailers do tag some consumer items as Black Friday deals, when in fact the price decreases are really just typical sale prices. You may also find retail pages filled with subpar dash cams from no-name manufacturers. But at PCWorld, we do our best to only highlight dash cam deals that meet two criteria: The product itself is something we’d gladly buy ourselves, and the product’s price is at or near it’s historical all-time-low price.


Are Black Friday dash cam deals lower quality?

Not at all. There’s nothing bad about the dash cams themselves, but it may be the case that dash cams on sale during Black Friday are previous years’ models or might not have the latest features and specs. But this is all relative, and we only recommend dash cams with pricing that aligns with the quality of the device itself.


What should I look for in a Black Friday dash cam deal?

When purchasing a dash cam, you will want to focus on a few important features such as video capabilities, recording options, and other handy nice-to-haves. Video capabilities will be the most important aspect of your decision. You’ll want to consider whether you need front and rearview or just front view. Also, check the resolution—we recommend at least 1080p, but premium 4K resolution dash cams really make a difference if you can swing the extra cost.

Additionally, you will want to take a look at the field of view. The sweet spot is between 120 to 140 degrees field of view, as anything less might miss important things and anything more may cause a fish-eye distortion to the recordings.

Next, you will want to decide on the recording options you need. Continuous loop recording automatically overwrites older recordings at specified intervals (unless saved) in order to minimize storage requirements. There is also incident recording, which uses motion detection and triggered impact detection to record possible accidents.

As for storage options, you will generally find that there are two options to choose from: cloud storage and microSD card storage. Cloud storage isn’t as common, but it can be nice to have if you’re worried about losing a physical memory card. Otherwise, a microSD card will be the most common option.

Finally, you should consider any other handy features that a particular dash cam might provide. These include GPS navigation, phone connectivity, parking monitoring, night vision, and speed detection. All of these will depend on your personal preference, but should be taken into account before purchase.


Which dash cams does PCWorld rate the highest?

PCWorld tests and reviews dash cams every month. We encourage you to check our rankings of the best dash cams of 2022, as many of the models we rate the highest will see price drops around Black Friday.


Will adding a dash cam lower my insurance rates?

In the United States, insurance companies generally don’t offer discounts for customers with dash cams installed. That said, the cameras do have their upsides: If you get into an accident, the video evidence can be used to prove you weren’t at fault. To this extent, dash cams can be useful for capturing evidence of car theft, vandalism and of course run-of-the-mill accidents.


When is Black Friday?

Black Friday 2022 will fall on Friday, November 25th. However, many retailers have already started to offer great discounts on dash cams.


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