How to Use YouTube’s Pinch to Zoom Feature

How to Use YouTube’s Pinch to Zoom Feature

How to Use YouTube’s Pinch to Zoom Feature

YouTube’s pinch to zoom feature lets you discover even the smallest details in any YouTube video. Here’s how you can use pinch to zoom on your device.

Thanks to YouTube’s pinch to zoom, you can find all the details in your favorite creator’s videos without a hassle. YouTube’s mobile app lets you zoom in and out of content on videos.

You can zoom up to 8x, providing you with much more detail. We’ll show you how to use YouTube’s pinch to zoom feature on mobile devices and tablets.

How to Zoom in and Out of Content in YouTube Videos

The pinch-to-zoom feature is handy whether you’re taking free computer programming courses or watching wrestling channels on YouTube. With it, you can view the details of a whiteboard in a lecture or watch the action of your favorite sport unfold at a close distance.

Follow these steps to zoom in and zoom out of content in YouTube videos:

  1. While watching a YouTube video, tap on it and select the rectangle box in the bottom right to enter full-screen mode.
  2. Once full-screen mode is enabled, touch the video at two points with two fingers. To zoom in on a particular object in the video, you need to have it at the center of your fingers.
  3. While still touching the screen, expand the distance between your fingers by moving them away from each other. As you zoom in, YouTube will show the zoom level at the top of the video. Once you reach your preferred sweet spot, let go of the screen to play the video at that zoom level.
  4. If you want to zoom out, touch the screen with two fingers at two separate spots, then move your fingers toward each other. Once you see, Original instead of a number, you’re back to the video’s original resolution.

Once zoomed in, YouTube allows you to navigate to the precise spot in the video you want to focus on. Just touch the video with a finger and move it to where you want, similar to how you inspect zoomed-in pictures.

Inspect Any Video on YouTube

Thanks to YouTube’s pinch to zoom, you can view the action unfold at closer distances. Whether you’re watching highlights of a sports match or learning something new, make use of the feature at any point you want to have a closer at anything in the video.


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