What Does “Link in Bio” Mean on Instagram?

What Does “Link in Bio” Mean on Instagram?


What Does “Link in Bio” Mean on Instagram?

Ever see Instagram posts or videos with the phrase “link in bio”? Here’s what it means.

Why is everyone saying “Click the link in bio” on Instagram? If you’ve seen this more than once, it’s not a coincidence. People are using the “Link in bio” prompt to get people to check out their profiles and their biographies on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at what it means and where you can find the link the next time you are prompted to check it out.

When you see a post with “link in bio”, know that it’s a call to action. It means that the person who has posted the story, video, or photo wants you to take a look at their Instagram profile. On their profile, there will be a link to a website outside of Instagram.

While it used to be nearly impossible to click a link on a typical Instagram post due to Instagram’s policies, now there are a few ways for you to add links to your Instagram posts. Apart from posting the link in your bio, you can also use a URL shortener in the post caption. You can also now add links to sponsored Instagram posts and use a sticker link in stories.

Instagram has updated its web interface, but you can still easily follow someone from anywhere on Instagram. You can also see more about that person when you go to their biography. Influencers, celebrities, and people who want to promote their businesses and services on Instagram are simply putting the words “Link in bio” in their posts to make it easier for people to check them out.

When you do see the prompt, simply click on the profile picture of the person’s account and check out the link they have placed under their bio. You will be able to click on the link which will direct you to their page, website, or portfolio.

Knowing that their followers might be confused by what it means to go to a bio for a link, some Instagram users are even adding instructions on how to do it. Click it if you’re curious to learn more.


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