Design lessons from guitar pedals #Music #Design @pomeranian99

Design lessons from guitar pedals #Music #Design @pomeranian99

Clive Thompson was reminded of a conversation he had years ago with Bill Buxton about guitar pedals and industrial design.

Buxton is a long-time user-interface expert at Microsoft research, and he also studied music back in the 70s. He admires the interface design of musical equipment like guitar pedals.

Their specs, he noted, are incredibly robust — yet they’re also effortlessly easy to use. Guitar pedals are miracles of user-friendly architecture.

“There’s ‘normal’ spec, there’s ‘military’ spec, and there’s ‘rock and roll’ spec,” he said. “Rock and roll spec has the highest tolerance! It has to withstand the road, and its ability to deal with human gestures is way beyond anything we’ve done even with computers.”

Here are the 5 Design Lessons From Guitar Pedals:

  1. When tech is rugged, it’s a joy to use
  2. UI shouldn’t focus only on your hands. Use the rest of your body too
  3. The best UIs have simple, bold visual cues
  4. Physical UIs can be more intuitive and usable than screens
  5. Don’t just make it functional. Make it beautiful too

See the entire detailed look in the UX Collective article on Medium.


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November 23, 2022 at 07:02AM

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