5 Relationship Apps for Couples to Rekindle Romance and Communicate Better

5 Relationship Apps for Couples to Rekindle Romance and Communicate Better


We aren’t born knowing how to sustain love and intimacy with a partner. Like with so many other life skills, maintaining a healthy relationship is something you can learn. These free online and mobile apps help couples reconnect with each other and rekindle their romance, and communicate better to form strong bonds.

1. CoBlossom (Android, iOS): Play Mini-Games to Strengthen Your Relationship

CoBlossom takes the work you need to put into a relationship and turns it into a series of fun mini-games. The idea is to play games with your partner, and both of you act as a team trying to win.

Once you install the app and connect with your partner, your avatars will interact with each other as well as environmental objects to start a game. The games are varied, but all serve the objective of bringing you closer. For example, you’ll play a sentence-finishing game to decide on a shared activity or a date. Or you’ll see options for date activities, which you can accept or reject, and see where you both matched.

Then there are activities meant for more reflection and sharing, again presented as games. If one of you revisits your memories by looking at the photo album in the app, the other is prompted to do it too. And you both are encouraged to track your mood and share it, either as an emoji or with added details if you feel like it. This keeps both of you connected through the day when you aren’t together.

Download: CoBlossom for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Purpose Built Families (Web): Daily Relationship Assessment Guide and Free Online Course

Purpose Built Families is a non-profit with several family-centric goals, one of which is to teach couples the skills to maintain healthy relationships. It uses a system called PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) to help partners understand their own and their spouse’s needs, and come up with practical and actionable ways to meet them.

The site hosts a variety of tools for couples. The scientifically-accurate Relationship Assessment test offers a realistic look at your current status through six questions. Several guides like “Five questions for clarifying expectations” or the “Letting go of grudges letter” enable smoother communication for difficult topics. In fact, you can download the Love Knots ebook for free, which is a detailed list of relationship mishaps, knots, and binds.

Perhaps the most famous tool is the PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading (DTR). The system says that couples need to talk with each other daily (or almost daily) about five critical steps: appreciation for the other, new information that affects both, puzzles about something connected with the other person, shared concerns and recommendations, and finally your wishes, hopes, and dreams. The guided online app takes only 15-20 minutes of your time and is highly recommended and backed by years of successful application by troubled couples.

If you like the tools already shared on the main Purpose Built Families website, you can take the full PAIRS training course online too. The PAIRS Classics series on YouTube is a great starting point, and if you want more detail, look for the full PAIRS Training playlist on the same channel.

3. Coupleness (Android, iOS): Daily Check-Ins and Questions to Reconnect as a Couple

Coupleness is a fairly straightforward app for partners who have drifted apart and want to rekindle a connection. It relies on two essential tools to get you back on track with your loved one: a daily check-in and journal and a daily question about your partner or relationship.

The daily check-in is a little more involved than most other such apps. First, you say how your day was on a happiness meter, and then choose a few emojis to describe how you are feeling. Next, choose from a list of things that can affect you and tap the plus or minus to indicate whether it was positive or negative. Finally, journal your thoughts (complete with a GIF of the day). All of this can be seen by your partner, which will hopefully help them empathize with you and connect with your mood.

Then, move on to the Question of the Day section. This daily question asks you something about your partner, your relationship, yourself, growth, gratitude, your past, and future, or fun topics. You can choose from one of these categories or go with the default question of the day. You can also visit previous questions and answer those. Any update will be reflected in your partner’s app too, and they can comment on your answer as well.

Download: Coupleness for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Gilly (Android, iOS): Reignite Physical Intimacy Through Games and Exercises

One of the most common problems couples face in a long-term relationship is dwindling physical intimacy. Erin Chen, who holds a Masters degree in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney, wanted to help fix that through an app that promises privacy and ease for couples sharing deep personal thoughts and feelings. That’s Gilly.

The app recognizes that physical intimacy is both a playful activity for adults as well as ways of expressing love. It terms the intimate acts you do and crave as “treats”, and prompts you with exercises. These exercises can be expressing what you desire to your partner, setting a time and place together to demonstrate love, or doing individual exercises that put you in a better mental state to be intimate.

Each exercise takes less than 15 minutes and can be done together or by yourself. Gilly also encourages you to share “Love Notes”, which is basically messaging each other privately with intimate memories, fantasies, and affection. Don’t worry if you’re stuck, the app sends reminders and prompts about what you can talk about.

Gilly is currently in beta. Those interested can find links to the Testflight app for iPhone and iPad and the Android Beta app below. But we recommend going to the Gilly website first to check if a new app version is out yet.

If you prefer a non-beta app and want something similar, check out how Couply can help you build a healthier relationship.

Download: Gilly for Android | iOS (Free)

5. My Spicy Vanilla (Web, Android, iOS): Romantic, Fun, and Spicy Date Ideas

After a long time in a relationship, you can get stuck in a routine. Date nights are canceled in favor of mundane chores, and even if you go on a date, it’s the same old “movie and dinner at your regular restaurant.” My Spicy Vanilla (MSV) wants to break you out of this rut by offering a variety of romantic date ideas.

The idea behind the app is to stop falling on the excuse of either one of you saying you can’t think of something different to do on a date. MSV offers date ideas in three categories: romantic, spicy, and fun. You’ll also find specialized date ideas, like anniversaries, first dates, men’s favorites, and women’s favorites.

MSV offers clear preparation steps for each date, so you are guaranteed a good time and don’t miss out on anything. The date cards also offer crucial tips in case you haven’t done that activity before. And there are items you might need for the date, which serve as affiliate links for MSV to make money.

Download: My Spicy Vanilla for Android | iOS (Free)

Be Honest and Follow Through

Every relationship is unique, so you are the best judge of which of these apps would work best to make a better connection with your partner. But no matter which one you choose, these principles are the same: you have to make the choice together, communicate openly and honestly, and follow through on it without excuses.


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