Save $730 on this gorgeous OLED TV before Black Friday

Save $730 on this gorgeous OLED TV before Black Friday

The best TV deal that we’ve seen today is the LG 48-inch A2 OLED Smart TV, available for $569.99 (a whopping $730 off!) at Best Buy.

Visually, OLED TVs are probably the most beautiful TVs that you can buy, with inky blacks that contrast exceptionally well with the rest of the screen. When an OLED pixel is off, it’s off, which makes everything else look great. Some third-party reviews say that this is basically one of the best TVs you can buy for watching movies, with perfect black levels, absolutely no light bloom, or judder when watching movies. And even better, this LG A2 4K WebOS TV at Best Buy is more than $200 less than the same TV on Amazon.

This smart TV does run at 60Hz and it’s a bit smaller than some of the massive TVs that we’ve featured in our Black Friday TV deals — which just means that it will work just fine in a smaller room. That said, it’ll make it up for it with the visual quality and the massive discount. Buy it now before it’s gone.

See the LG 48-inch A2 OLED Smart TV at Best Buy


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November 21, 2022 at 01:47PM

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