Is This the Best Drone Racer in the World? #drone #droneday

Is This the Best Drone Racer in the World? #drone #droneday

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Drone racing may still be a niche sport but its popularity is rising. At just 18, MinChan Kim [aka MCKFPV] is making waves. The New York Times has a profile on Kim and the state of professional drone racing:

Mr. Kim began flying drones at the age of 12 after stumbling upon drone racing on YouTube and asking his parents — his father is a retired engineer and his mother cares for the household — if they would buy him one of the airborne robots.

Unlike many sports there is a real career beyond competing. Professional drone racers are in high demand in Hollywood for filming.

Mr. Vanover grew up in Roanoke, Texas. He said he has received so many requests for media work that he moved to Los Angeles over the summer with his wife. The D.R.L. provides some commercial opportunities for pilots through its partnerships, but other deals are worked out by the pilots themselves.

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November 21, 2022 at 01:05PM

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