Get a Great Deal on Haylou’s Bone Conduction Headphones and Smartwatches on Black Friday

Get a Great Deal on Haylou’s Bone Conduction Headphones and Smartwatches on Black Friday

Listening to music when you’re exercising can be difficult since earbuds have a tendency to pop out and over-the-head headphones can slip off as well. So, Haylou’s bone conduction headphones seem like the best solution there is.

Even better, these awesome headphones are available with a massive discount for Black Friday, along with several other Haylou products you’ll love!

Get the Black Friday Deals

Haylou PurFree BF
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Starting on November 21st and through to November 27th, you can grab the Haylou products for some amazing prices, so you can get your favorites!

  • Haylou PurFree BC01: Get it for $80.73 (down from $99.99)
  • Haylou Smart Watch LS10: Get it for $36.79 (down from $45.99)
  • Haylou Smart Watch LS09: Get it for $27.99 (down from $34.99)

Keep in mind that these deals are only available until November 28th, so you better hurry up. Also, some of these are Prime Exclusive, so you should sign up for an account with Amazon Prime to get the best prices.

The Best for Your Lifestyle

If you’re always active, then the Haylou PurFree headphones are pretty perfect. These use a high-precision bone conduction transducer, as well as anti-leakage technology, which will help you listen to everything while leaving nothing leak out. Basically, even if you take on a call, the people around you won’t overhear what is being said to you.

These come with an off-ear design that makes them more comfortable for you since there’s no pressure on your ears. Plus, they’re super lightweight at only 28g.

Since these headphones have an open-ear design, you’ll completely bypass the issues that come with exercising while wearing earbuds, like sweating and overheating. This will prevent the growth of ear canal bacteria, protecting your overall health.

Since you’re out running, you may also want to get a great-looking smartwatch. The Haylou LS10 looks stunning, with a round face, and can track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and monitor your sleep. It’s IP68 waterproof and the battery lasts for over 10 days. You can pair this one up with both Android and iOS phones, so you’re good to go no matter which you prefer.

Get the Best Black Friday Haylou Deals While They’re Here

With these deals only available for a few days, you should definitely look into buying your favorite item before time runs out.


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November 21, 2022 at 03:02AM

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