Domino’s Is Buying 800 Chevy Bolt EVs For Pizza Delivery

Domino’s Is Buying 800 Chevy Bolt EVs For Pizza Delivery

According to a Domino’s press release, the pizza chain is in the process of delivering 100 custom Domino’s livery 2023 Bolt EVs to some stores in the U.S. 700 additional Bolts are on their way to be delivered during the next few months. 

Domino’s is no stranger to special delivery Chevy vehicles, as it fielded the DXP back in 2015 — a custom Chevy Spark with a warming oven built into the bodywork. Domino’s has not said whether or not the new fleet of Bolts will feature any pizza-centric modifications or upgrades.

Domino’s new slogan for the program reads “It’s good for pizza delivery. And better for the planet.” The restaurant has also launched a contest where diners can win a Bolt by placing an online order and can track the usage of Domino’s EVs in their state with a purpose-built website.

In the press release, Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner says: “Domino’s has always been on the cutting edge of pizza delivery, and electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve. We’ve made a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin reducing our environmental impact, one delivery at a time.” That’s quite the promise for the pizza company, but a several hundred-strong fleet of EVs certainly doesn’t hurt.


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November 21, 2022 at 01:29PM

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