A Leak Details Apple’s Secret Dirt on Corellium, a Trusted Security Startup

A Leak Details Apple’s Secret Dirt on Corellium, a Trusted Security Startup


Corellium, a cybersecurity startup that sells phone-virtualization software for catching security bugs, offered or sold its tools to controversial government spyware and hacking-tool makers in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia, and to a cybersecurity firm with potential ties to the Chinese government, according to a leaked document reviewed by WIRED that contains internal company communications.

The 507-page document, apparently prepared by Apple with the goal of using it in the company’s 2019 copyright lawsuit against Corellium, shows that the security firm, whose software lets users perform security analysis using virtual versions of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, has dealt with companies that have a track record of selling their tools to repressive regimes and countries with poor human rights records.

According to the leaked document, Corellium in 2019 offered a trial of its product to NSO Group, whose customers have for years been caught using its Pegasus spyware against dissidents, journalists, and human rights defenders. Similarly, Corellium’s sales staff offered to provide a quote to purchase its software to DarkMatter, a now-shuttered cybersecurity company with ties with the UAE government that hired several former US intelligence members who reportedly helped it spy on human rights activists and journalists

In correspondence with WIRED, Corellium says NSO Group and Dark Matter had access to “a limited time/limited functionality trial version of Corellium’s software” and that both were later denied requests to purchase the full version following its vetting process. 

For years Corellium has painted itself as a crucial defender against software bugs on Android and iOS. But the leaked document shows that Corellium worked with several companies that use bugs and exploits to hack into cell phones, as opposed to helping Google and Apple patch vulnerabilities.

The document includes emails between Corellium staff and customers or potential customers, including NSO Group and DarkMatter. The document is not public and is being reported on for the first time here. 

“As one of our early beta requesters, we’re delighted to extend you and your team at NSO Group an exclusive invitation to try Corellium, the world’s first and only mobile device virtualization platform. We think you’ll really enjoy the advanced mobile security research tools we have to offer,” reads a March 26, 2019, email between Correllium’s support staff and an NSO Group employee. “Your free trial will last until April 9. Trial accounts are limited, but if you need more time, or if you prefer to start your trial at a different time, just let us know.”

In the case of DarkMatter, the document includes an email exchange between a company employee and a Corellium sales email address. The emails are not dated, but they apparently reference a 2019 training on how to use the platform that Corellium offered potential customers at the cybersecurity conference Black Hat.

“I was a trainer at Blackhat last year where you guys had provided us access to the portal for a few days and I was very impressed with the amount of features it had,” the DarkMatter employee wrote. “We are interested in purchasing it. Can you guys provide us a quote for all the available options that you have?”


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November 21, 2022 at 04:21AM

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