Microsoft Is Now Pumping Out Two Updates a Day for Edge Canary

Microsoft Is Now Pumping Out Two Updates a Day for Edge Canary

Microsoft Is Now Pumping Out Two Updates a Day for Edge Canary

Edge Insiders can now look forward to double the fun on the Canary branch, as Microsoft turns up the heat.

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Edge, you might want to give the Canary build a look. Microsoft has just announced that it’s ramping up its updates for the Edge Canary branch to two a day, up from its usual one update.

A New Update Schedule for Microsoft Edge Canary

As spotted by Neowin, Microsoft is doubling the number of updates that Edge Canary gets every day. The Redmond giant officially announced the change on the Microsoft Edge Insider website, in a short post titled “Heads up: Twice daily Canary builds are starting now.”

If you’ve never heard of Canary before, it’s the cutting-edge version of, well, Edge. The Edge Canary branch gets updates before any other branch, with the downside that the browser is more prone to bugs and crashes as a whole.

These bugs are ironed out before they’re rolled out to the Dev branch (updated every week) and then the Beta branch (every month) before finally arriving on the main version of Edge. That’s why it’s called “Canary”; it’s the browser equivalent of bringing a bird into a mineshaft to ensure everything is okay before it advances forth.

If you’re interested, you can head over to the Microsoft Edge Insider download page and grab the Canary version there. Just remember that, while you’ll get all the fancy features before anyone else, you should expect some weird crashes and bugs to happen, too. Just be sure to report them as you find them.

Is Microsoft Putting the Pedal Down?

So why is Microsoft suddenly doubling the number of updates coming for Edge Canary? Microsoft hasn’t said much on the topic, but it may be that the company wants to turn up the heat on its biggest rival, Chrome.

By pushing two updates a day, Microsoft has more room to get more features onto people’s Canary branches. This results in a speedier time testing and bug-checking new features; ones that may convince people that Edge is worth the effort. And given how well Microsoft’s efforts come out when you compare Edge vs. Chrome, its changes are more likely than you may think.

Double the Fun for Edge Canary

With Microsoft doubling down on Edge Canary updates, we’ll have to see how the company uses this extra space. Who knows; maybe this is the shove Microsoft needs to become a serious contender with Chrome.


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September 30, 2022 at 03:19PM

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