Deadpool 3 Drops Big News: Hugh Jackman Returning as Wolverine – CNET

Deadpool 3 Drops Big News: Hugh Jackman Returning as Wolverine – CNET

Deadpool is moving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his third movie, and a familiar face is coming along. Star Ryan Reynolds announced in a video released Tuesday that Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine once again in Deadpool 3, which will hit theaters on Sept. 6, 2024. (Yes, 2024.)

“Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one,” Reynolds tweeted along with the short video. (“Mouth sewn shut” references a scene at the end of the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Reynolds shows up as Deadpool with a sewn-shut mouth.)

He goes on to say that Deadpool’s first appearance in the MCU has to be special, as scenes show Reynolds working out, using the toilet, and pouring his own Aviation American Gin (Reynolds owns a financial stake in the company) into a coffee mug.

He then confesses “we did have one idea (to make the film special)” before addressing Jackman, who wanders through the background.

“Hey, Hugh?” Reynolds calls. “You wanna play Wolverine one more time?”

Jackman agrees, and large words announce the film is “COMING HUGHN,” with the Sept. 6, 2024, release date showing up at the end.

Reynolds’ first two Deadpool movies took place in the same, non-MCU continuity as the Fox X-Men films. Disney acquired Fox in 2019, and Deadpool 3’s writers promised to keep the hero’s foul mouth intact despite him being worked into the family friendly MCU.

And as for Jackman — spoilers ahead — he was thought to have retired from the iconic Wolverine role in 2017 with the film Logan, which seemed to kill off the character. After that film, Jackman released a brief video thanking his fans for their years of support. Looks like it wasn’t goodbye after all.

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