Apple fixes iOS 16 activation bug affecting iPhone 14 buyers – Yahoo Finance

Apple fixes iOS 16 activation bug affecting iPhone 14 buyers – Yahoo Finance

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You might have a rough time activating your iPhone 14. As MacRumors reports, Apple has fixed an iOS 16 bug that broke activation of iMessage and FaceTime on open WiFi networks. Your brand new device might not work properly out of the box, depending on your situation. You only have to install an iOS 16.0.1 update to address the bug, but you may need to restore the phone with a computer to load the new software.
It’s not clear whether Apple will have a solution apart from shipping future devices with iOS 16.0.1. MacRumors says it obtained a company memo indicating the problem was "under investigation," while the support document for the patch only tells users to update. We’ve asked Apple for comment.
The flaw likely won’t last for long and should only affect a small number of users. Still, the timing is less than ideal. The iPhone 14 lineup is just reaching customers as of this writing — their first experience might not be very smooth if they expect to use iMessage and FaceTime on day one.
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California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a new bill that could upend how social media platforms deal with underage users.
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Most people who are updating their existing iPhones to iOS 16.0 will be busy customizing their new Lock Screens and exploring all the nifty features of the new operating system. Apple is issuing an iPhone 14-only update to fix a bug that causes activation and migration issues. Because this update is part of setting up the new iPhone, users won’t have any trouble as long as they quickly apply the fix.
Apple recommends that all iPhone 14 and 14 Pro users download the latest iOS 16 update to fix a major iMessage bug.
Microsoft’s Teams stores auth tokens in unencrypted plaintext mode, allowing attackers to potentially control communications within an organization.
Bitcoin (BTC) is dipping slightly below $20,000 after the Ethereum Merge was completed Thursday. With bitcoin’s dominance also slipping to 40%, many are suggesting that ether (ETH) could one day surpass bitcoin in market cap. "All About Bitcoin" host Christine Lee breaks down the Chart of the Day.
Uber has determined that sensitive user data is safe following a hack.
Since its launch in 2014, Apple has continued to evolve the Apple Watch. For 2022, we have three new Apple Watches: The entry-level Apple Watch SE, the middle Apple Watch Series 8, and the ultra-rugged Apple Watch Ultra. It’s a pro-for-everyone unit with a larger always-on display, and offers some of Apple’s most advanced health features to date.
Apple’s iOS 16 is finally here. And the software update brings a litany of big changes to your iPhone, including the ability to edit and unsend texts.
Payment processing companies Block (NYSE: SQ) — formerly known as Square — and Netherlands-based Adyen (OTC: ADYE.Y) are often thought of as competitors. Both provide payments solutions to businesses, and while their target business customers aren’t exactly the same, there is certainly some overlap. Adyen and Block’s Cash App have announced a partnership to offer Cash App Pay to Adyen’s U.S. customers.
Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone users’ tastes have evolved over the years. Thankfully for Apple investors, the company has found a way to keep up with the trends and it has been more profitable because of this ability. Over the last few iPhone cycles, customers have shown little interest in its Mini version.
Tech reporter Dan Howley showcases several of the iPhone 14’s newest features, such as its camera, before the device hits store shelves tomorrow.
Apple’s stock price has gained on average 1.6% one month after an iPhone launch, and sported a 14% gain six months after.
Online search engine users are falling prey to nasty scams and malware hiding behind the ads called "malvertising" that sit on top of search pages, the Washington Post reports. The search engines included DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) Bing, and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOG) Google. Unsuspecting users fell for scam search ads, tricking them into inadvertently handing over their passwords or downloading malware. It could hack their system if they fail to spot it. Apart fro
The iPhone 14 is a good phone. But after testing both it and Apple’s new Pro models, it’s clear which iPhones got the bigger overhaul.
The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s clever Dynamic Island, powerful cameras, always-on display and super long battery life make it the best phone money can buy.
The hacker claimed to have been able to access to the company’s email and cloud storage systems, and said the firm had weak security standards.




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