5 Reasons the Apple Watch Ultra Isn’t a Great Choice for Most People

5 Reasons the Apple Watch Ultra Isn’t a Great Choice for Most People


The Apple Watch Ultra is the latest addition to the iPhone maker’s coveted smartwatch lineup. It packs many elements people have always wanted from an Apple Watch, like a rugged body and increased battery life.

However, we should not forget that Apple has designed the product for athletes, explorers, and adventurists. So, it also means that not everyone needs an Apple Watch Ultra.

So, here are five reasons the Apple Watch Ultra is NOT a great choice for most people!

1. Ultra Expensive

Apple Watch Ultra is one of the most expensive Apple Watch models ever. Apple charges its customers $799 for the GPS + Cellular model, and unlike the Series 8 or SE models, you can’t get a GPS-only Apple Watch Ultra.

For reference, the Apple Watch Series 8 is available for $399. So, on a typical day, you can buy two Apple Watch Series 8’s for the price you would have to pay for the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s pricing would have been justifiable if it offered advanced features for the mainstream user. At the time, however, most of the new features of the Apple Watch Ultra are dedicated to extreme sports.

Therefore, unless you have some extra cash lying around, the expensive price tag is a good reason not to buy Apple Watch Ultra.

2. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

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You may have noticed that Apple Watch Ultra is also one of the biggest devices in the Apple Watch lineup. Unlike the Series 8 and SE, the Ultra model is available with only a 49mm case size.

While a bigger display is always nice to have when it comes to smartphones, we cannot say the same about smartwatches. Most people do not want a distracting, large display on their wrists.

In addition, despite the 49mm case size, the Apple Watch Ultra offers only a bit more display area than the Series 8 model. So, if you need a compact smartwatch that is not as distracting as your smartphone, it’s better to stay away from the Apple Watch Ultra.

3. Comes in a Single Finish

For reasons we don’t know, the Apple Watch Ultra comes only in a single finish. Unlike 2021’s Apple Watch Series 7, which was available in a Space Black Titanium finish, you can only get the Apple Watch Ultra in Titanium Natural.

However, you can get the Series 8 and Apple Watch SE in different finishes, such as Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product (RED.) Furthermore, with Series 8, you can choose between aluminum and stainless steel.

So, you get limited options to customize how your Apple Watch Ultra looks. The only option for customizing the device is the variety of bands from Apple and third parties.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to avoid the Apple Watch Ultra if you need an Apple Watch that can sync with your style.

4. Bulkier Than the Series 8

Apple Watch Ultra side view
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Compared to Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra is bulkier. Apple has made this decision so that it can pack a bigger battery and additional buttons in the Apple Watch Ultra.

For comparison, the total weight of the Apple Watch Ultra is 61.3 grams, whereas the 45mm model of the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 8 weighs 51.5 grams. This is surprising because titanium is 45 percent lighter than stainless steel.

So, if you, like most people, want a compact smartwatch that you can wear effortlessly, the Apple Watch Ultra is not a great choice.

5. Most People Don’t Need the Additional Sensors

Image Credit: Apple

As we mentioned, most new features of the Apple Watch Ultra targets athletes, adventurers, and explorers. Therefore, most people do not need the additional motion and depth sensors in the Apple Watch Ultra.

For instance, the Apple Watch Ultra has a Retina display with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. But 1,000 nits of brightness is more than enough for most people. Likewise, most people may not need the 86 dB Siren to attract attention. You can still prepare your Apple Watch for emergencies without these “ultra” features.

We can’t say whether additional features like a depth gauge, water temperature sensor, and the Oceanic+ app appeal to regular users, but they will probably not.

At the same time, more useful features like Crash Detection, ECG app, and cycle tracking are also available on the Series 8.

To Buy or Not to Buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

In the end, it kind of boils down to one question: Knowing that you probably won’t use the additional features and sensors, would you buy an expensive and bulky smartwatch for the extra battery alone?

If you don’t have a strong yes to this question, the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t ideal for your use case, and you will be better off with the Apple Watch Series 8.

However, if you spend most of your time exploring and adventuring, you may have more reasons to get the Apple Watch Ultra.


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September 12, 2022 at 04:01PM

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