Philips Hue Lineup Gets Even Brighter With Unique Lightguide Bulbs and More

Philips Hue Lineup Gets Even Brighter With Unique Lightguide Bulbs and More

The Philips Hue ecosystem remains a top choice for many smart home fans looking for a comprehensive lighting system.

And at IFA, we’re getting out first look at a number of new unique Hue options. Here’s what to expect.

A Unique Lightguide Bulb Series and More

Signify announced all the new additions to the Hue lineup in a press release at the huge tech conference in Berlin.

One of the unique options is the Lightguide bulbs series. Available in a large globe, ellipse, or triangle shape, the bulbs sport a distinctive inner tube that diffuses any color light and a glossy finish.

They will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022 and retail from $74.99 to $89.99.

Available now and retailing for $69.99 is the Hue slim downlight. The 1200-lumen option allows you to add color-capable lighting to anywhere in your home with the slim and canless design.

Philips Hue gradient lightstrip
Image Credit: Signify

Gamers will be happy to hear about the Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC. The lightstrip provides a seamless gradient of light that dances, dims, and brightens along with the on-screen action.

The lightstrip attaches to the back of your monitor and include mounts compatible with straight or curved monitors. Two different lightstrip sizes are available along with a longer strip for three-monitor setups.

Landing September 13, 2022, the Hue Play lightstrips will retail from $169.99 to $279.99.

Arriving the same date is a Hue White ambiance Filament cable bulb. A single bulb will retail for $$44.99 while a dual pack is $64.99.

In the summer 2022, the Hue lineup also grew with the addition of two lighting options and a hardware switch.

Philips hue sync app
Image Credit: Signify

Software changes are also coming to the Hue app in the fourth quarter of 2022 for Android or iOS. Functionality from Hue sync app will be added in. The app allows you to sync with tunes from Spotify and more.

In September 2022, the app will also add a new automation that will turn lights on and off at times you’d generally use them. That will make it look like someone is always home.

Hue Shines With a Multitude of Lighting Options

The Hue lineup began with simple lighting choices but has definitely expanded to add some unique ways to paint your home with light.

Options like the Lightguide bulb series and Hue Play gradient lightstrip will help bring in more users to the already popular smart lighting company.


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