Apple Books is not working for some iPhone/iPad users in iOS 15.5: Is there a fix? – Republic World

Apple Books is not working for some iPhone/iPad users in iOS 15.5: Is there a fix? – Republic World

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Some Apple users seem to have difficulty opening the Apple Books app on their iPhones and iPads. As per a report by 9To5Mac, the Apple Books app is not working for some iPhone users. Apparently, users who have upgraded to iOS 15.5/iPadOS 15.5are not able to open the Apple Books app. Although the number of users that are facing this problem is not known at the moment, App Store reviews indicate that quite a lot of users are not able to open Apple Books after upgrading to the latest iOS version. 
As a fix to the problem, the publication suggests that users should upgrade to the iOS 15.6 beta as it does not seem to have the issue. From what it looks like, Apple might have recognised the issue and patched it in the iOS 15.6 beta, which should be released for regular users in the coming days. Additionally, the publication could not confirm the issue in iOS 16 as well, which clearly indicates that the coming version of iOS is able to run Apple Books as intended. 
Those who want to install the iOS 15.6 beta update should open on their iOS devices, sign in with their Apple ID, open the web page and tap on ‘Get Started’ and tap on iOS or iPadOS depending upon the device they are using. Thereafter, users should enrol their iOS devices and follow the on-screen instructions to download the iOS 15.6 beta update on their iPhone or iPad. However, another option is to simply wait until Apple released iOS 15.6. 
In related news, Apple is expected to announce its AR/MR headset in January 2023. The information corroborates previous reports about Apple’s AR/MR headset getting delayed and postponed to the next year. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Apple has not revealed the release date officially, and hence, readers should absorb this information with a pinch of salt. 
Further, Kuo mentioned that the Apple AR/MR headset could re-establish the industry in a new way. Up until now, virtual reality headsets have been able to generate digital imagery. However, Apple’s upcoming headset might be able to overlay augmented objects and entities on real-world objects. Hence, the see-through design and multiple use-cases could make the device a big hit, boosting the demand for AR-related gaming and entertainment solutions. 




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