How many episodes are in Virgin River season 4? – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

How many episodes are in Virgin River season 4? – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

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After season 3 of Virgin River left fans with several loose ends and an agonising cliffhanger, viewers have eagerly awaited the return of the romantic drama.
At long last, the series is finally returning to Netflix in July 2022 and fans are understandably eager to delve into the new episodes to see exactly what’s in store for Mel, Jack and the residents of Virgin River.
But just how many episodes are there in Virgin River season 4 and does the series have a future beyond its latest instalment?
Season 4 of Virgin River arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.
The new season is set to begin with a sense of optimism as – despite not knowing whether her baby belongs to Jack or her dead husband Mark – Mel is looking forward to the prospect of finally becoming a mother.
While Jack is excited and supportive of Mel’s pregnancy, the question of the baby’s paternity still gnaws at him deep down.
Matters are complicated further with the arrival of a handsome new doctor who is in the market to start a family of his own.
Elsewhere, Hope is still recovering from her car accident while the lingering psychological effects of her brain injury leave scars you can’t see and will have profound consequences for both her and Doc.
Brie was keen on moving away from Virgin River but, after Brady’s circumstances change, she decides to stay a bit longer to help prove the innocence of the man she loves, although in doing so, she finds herself getting closer to Mike and Calvin’s criminal web.
And finally, Preacher is looking to forge ahead with a new romantic connection but can’t help holding out hope for being reunited with Paige and Christopher.
Season 4 of Virgin River will consist of 12 episodes.
Veteran fans of the series will note this makes season 4 the longest instalment of Virgin River yet as previous seasons have only included ten chapters each.
Like most Netflix shows, all 12 episodes of season 4 will be released in one go, meaning Virgin River fans can binge the season at their own pace, rather than having to wait weekly for new episodes.
In total, season 4 has a runtime of 506 minutes (or eight hours and 26 minutes), so there is plenty of Virgin River for fans to delve into.
The titles of the 12 new episodes are as follows:
That’s right, Netflix has already renewed Virgin River for a fifth season.
The streaming service announced it had renewed the show for seasons 4 and 5 in September 2021, not long after season 3 left fans with several agonising cliffhangers.
According to What’s on Netflix, season 5 has just started production in Vancouver and will mirror the latest instalment by consisting of 12 episodes.
Netflix’s confidence in the romantic drama is clear to see but the early renewal does mean another agonising cliffhanger is highly likely and will leave audiences hanging at the end of season 4.
Virgin River season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, July 20, 2022.
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