Apple offers UK customers a new place to upgrade their iPhone, MacBook and iPad – Express

Apple offers UK customers a new place to upgrade their iPhone, MacBook and iPad – Express

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Apple Store Brompton road
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There’s a brand new Apple Store opening next week with the US technology giant launching another retail space in the UK capital. The latest space for shoppers to try and buy will open its doors near Hyde Park on July 28 and, along with showcasing all of the firm’s latest gadgets, will offer all the usual experiences such as free daily sessions to help users make the most of their latest purchases.
The official opening won’t take place until later this month but Apple has now revealed its campaign to celebrate the launch which includes over 40 British wildflowers with a hidden twist.
Those wandering past the unopened store might spot butterflies, plants and flowers that all feature some of Apple’s most popular devices.
If you’re not in London, don’t panic as the firm has also released a unique wallpaper for Macs that takes inspiration from the Brompton Street store along with a specially created playlist on its Apple Music platform. You can find the wallpaper here
“Our newest store on London’s iconic Brompton Road, a moment away from Hyde Park, is almost ready to explore. It’s a place where your boldest ideas can bloom, and we’re here to help them grow,” said Apple on its website.
Apple Store
Apple Store
Along with this new Apple Store, the US firm has also just announced a new incentive on its online shop with customers currently able to buy devices such as iPhones, iPads and even the latest MacBook Air without paying any interest.
That means the cost can be spread over 24 months without extra charges being added to the bill. Right now you can pick up the new MacBook Air for just £53 per month, take delivery of an iPad for £13.29 or grab the latest iPhone 13 for just £28 per month.
This offer is available until August 11.
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