Everything You Need to Know About Kaspersky Safe Kids

Everything You Need to Know About Kaspersky Safe Kids


In a world full of predators and cybercriminals, a safe and nurturing environment for our kids is a necessity. As parents, we sometimes need an extra pair of eyes to monitor and watch our children’s activities as we cannot always be with them.

While most devices nowadays come with at least bare-minimum parental controls, it’s always best to invest in a full-suite parental control software. And one such solution, Kaspersky Safe Kids, has been providing overwhelmed parents with peace of mind through its comprehensive online and offline filtering capabilities.

But what exactly is Kaspersky Safe Kids? What features does it offer, and how can we set it up? Is it actually better than other parental monitoring solutions?

What Is Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Kaspersky is a well-known antivirus and security solutions provider, and Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of its offerings, aimed at providing parents with a comprehensive parental control software.

Kaspersky Safe Kids can be installed on any type of device, and allows you to monitor and watch your kid’s phone or tablets, while also keeping an eye on their whereabouts.

With impressive features like app blocking, site and content filtering, geolocation tracking, and screen time management, Kaspersky Safe Kids elevates the internet safety for youngsters to a whole new level.


Which Devices Does Kaspersky Safe Kids Work On?

Decided your child’s ready for a smartphone? Kaspersky Safe Kids comes with ultimate flexibility as it can be installed on any device type, whether it’s Windows, Android, or a Mac.

However, it comes with limited functionality on iPhone and iPad, due to Apple’s restrictions with most parental control software. So, if your child is using an iPhone or an iPad, you can only control the browsing history if it’s done through the Kaspersky Safe Kids app.

Also, it will only block those apps where the child falls below the required age limits set up in the App Store.

What Parental Controls Does Kaspersky Safe Kids Offer?

Kaspersky Safe Kids comes with a fleet of parental controls. You can either go with the free version with limited features, or opt for the premium version that comes with all the necessary staples for a great parental control software.

What Does the Free Version of Kaspersky Safe Kids Offer?

The free version for Kaspersky Safe Kids is a solid starter option. Here’s what the free version has to offer:

Online Filtering: This is a great feature that allows parents to filter websites for children.

Management of Screen Time: This gives you the power to decide how much screen time your child has.

App Usage: The app usage feature lets you control and monitor your child’s app usage according to age and categories.

Filtering of YouTube Videos: This blocks harmful videos both in browsers and the YouTube app.

What Does the Premium Version of Kaspersky Safe Kids Offer?

The premium Kaspersky Safe Kids includes all the features in the free version, and then some more. Here is a list of extra features that the paid-for version includes:

Management of Screen Time: The premium version provides an enhanced option to set exact access times. As an example, you can limit internet usage or phone access overnight or during certain times of the day.

YouTube Filtering and Search History Monitoring: Along with blocking inappropriate content that the free version offers, you can additionally keep an eye on your child’s YouTube History with the premium version.

Battery Tracker: The battery tracker option informs you when your child’s device battery is running low. This gives you a heads-up, so you can avoid losing touch with them.

GPS Location: With the GPS location option, parents can monitor their kids’ whereabouts on a map.

Real Time Alerts: This feature saves you the effort of logging into your Kaspersky account daily to check on your child’s online activities. Real time alerts get generated based on your child’s activities, so you are kept in the loop at all times.

How to Set Up Kaspersky Safe Kids

The following easy steps will help you set up Kaspersky Safe Kids on any device:

  1. Go to Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  2. Set up your My Kaspersky account. This is the universal account that will offer you control for any Kaspersky software that you install or use.
  3. Install the software on any device that you wish to monitor.
  4. Then set up security options and parental controls.
  5. While inside your account, you can select Parent Mode to manage the various options available.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a great option to explore, whether you are looking for ultimate control of your child’s online and offline security, or simply want to keep an eye on certain activities.

Is Kaspersky Safe Kids More Effective Than Other Solutions?

Most antivirus and content filtering solutions don’t give parental controls the prominence they deserve. But Kaspersky understands the growing concerns of parents who are raising a generation of techie kids. In fact, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 that took place in Spain nominated Kaspersky Safe Kids as the best in parental control solutions.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a dedicated parental control solution that gives the power of managing children’s online activities into the hands of concerned parents. Powered with special features such as content filtering, location tracking, app management, screen time controls to YouTube Safe Search and history monitoring, Kaspersky ensures that it’s covering every angle.

It also provides cross-functionality between various device types including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

And best of all, if you are on the fence about purchasing this software, you can try out the free version first which offers many of the features included in the premium version.

Keep Kids Safe With Kaspersky Safe Kids

The type of parental control solution you use depends on your needs and concerns for your child’s online safety. While some families need simple content filtering, others might need to restrict screen time, or require constant monitoring of their child’s whereabouts when they are outdoors.

Kaspersky Safe Kids believes in being transparent and keeping the parents and kids on the same page. As such, kids can see the Kaspersky Safe Kids icon, and receive the notifications about your settings. This is a great reminder for kids that they are being monitored, and validates the need to follow parental rules.

So, instead of looking over your child’s shoulder every time they use the computer, why not invest in a parental control solution, such as Kaspersky Safe Kids that provides real time alerts and monitoring capability?

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