Study Finds A Few Minutes In VR Cuts COVID-19 Frontline Worker Stress

Study Finds A Few Minutes In VR Cuts COVID-19 Frontline Worker Stress

In order to achieve the desired effect, GRID Lab teamed up with the Ohio Museum Complex in order to capture the footage needed for the three-minute simulation. The team filmed inside a nature preserve found in southeastern Ohio that is part of the museum complex. The area was lush, teeming with life, and most of all, tranquil. The filming was done in such a way that later allowed for a fully immersive VR experience, including walking around and looking in different directions.

The resulting video immerses viewers in the beauty of nature. It’s not meant to be an exciting experience. Viewers can explore nature, listen to the chirping of birds, the wind, and just breathe — there are no voice actors or anything else that could disrupt the relaxation. It’s a short experience, but according to the study, it has proven to be effective.

Once the virtual reality experience was ready to be tested, it was distributed amongst 102 volunteers. The sample included people working in three different COVID hospital units, and people of many different professions were involved, ranging from direct care providers to administrative staff. The stress levels were rated by the frontline workers in question and recorded both before and after viewing the tranquil video.


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February 13, 2022 at 01:41PM

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