How to Take and Share Screenshots and Video Clips on Oculus Quest

How to Take and Share Screenshots and Video Clips on Oculus Quest

Since most consoles include a way to capture your gameplay, you might also want to do this on your Oculus Quest. Thankfully, the Quest and Quest 2 include methods for you to capture screenshots and videos of your VR games and share them.

Below, we walk through the methods to share what’s on your Oculus Quest with others.

How to Take Screenshots on an Oculus Quest

There are a few methods to take a screengrab on the Oculus Quest, which produces a 1024×1024 JPEG image. We’ll cover the best methods below.

If you ever need to take a screenshot without your controllers, you should know how to use Hand Tracking on your Quest.

Take a Screenshot Using the Button Shortcut

The easiest way to take a screenshot on your Quest is using the built-in button combination. Press and hold the Oculus button on the right controller, then press the trigger (the ones your index fingers rest on) on either controller while still holding the Oculus button.

If you do it right, you’ll hear a sound and should see a notification that you captured a screenshot. Don’t hold the Oculus button for too long, or you’ll re-center your view instead. You must hit the trigger while you see the Oculus logo circle filling up in front of you.

Take a Screenshot Using Voice Commands

The Quest contains a voice assistant, similar to Google Assistant or Siri. While it’s only available in the US with your device set to English, it’s a handy way to launch apps and more.


Your Oculus voice assistant can help out by taking screenshots as well. To summon it, double-tap the Oculus button on the right controller, then say “take a screenshot” once the window appears.

If you don’t see the assistant, you might not have set up the feature yet, or the shortcut could be disabled. Hit the Oculus button to bring up the main menu, then select the clock and other icons on the left side to open the quick menu. Select the Voice Commands entry on this list to set it up if you haven’t yet, or to run a voice command if they are set up.

To configure how this function works, go to Settings > System > Voice Commands.

How to Capture Videos on the Oculus Quest

Want to show off your skills in custom Beat Saber tracks or capture a cool experience to show friends who don’t have a VR headset? Your Quest headset can record video clips using the following methods.

Note that by default, you’ll see a red dot on your screen to let you know you’re recording. If you don’t want this, open the quick menu as mentioned above, go to Settings > Display, and disable Video Capture Indicator.

Record From the Sharing Menu

The standard way to record is using an option in a key Quest menu. Press the Oculus button on your right controller to open the main menu, then select the Sharing panel (its icon is an arrow facing right). You’ll see a Take Photo option here, which is the least convenient way to take a screenshot but works in a pinch.

Meanwhile, choose Record Video here, then you’ll see a confirmation screen. Enable Include Mic Audio if you want the recording to include your voice; otherwise it will only include game audio.

Select Start Recording when ready, and the recording will begin. When you’re ready to stop the recording, go back to the Sharing panel and select Recording.

Note that when you’re in a game, these shortcuts to cast, take a screenshot, and start recording also appear on the game’s panel that shows when you press the Oculus button. This makes getting to them easier.

Record Video Using Voice Commands

Your Oculus Quest’s voice assistant can also start video capture. Follow the steps in the above section to activate the voice assistant if needed.

Then you can summon it anytime and say “start recording” to begin capture. Summon it again and say “stop recording” to end. To do this without your controllers, check out the linked guide to Oculus Hand Tracking above.

How to Share Oculus Quest Screenshots and Videos

Once you’ve taken screenshots or videos, how do you get them off your headset so you can share them with the world? You have a few options.

Copy Your Quest Captures to a PC

The least convenient, yet most straightforward, way to share your Oculus Quest captures is by plugging your headset into your computer. Connect your Quest to your computer with a USB cable, then put your headset on and you’ll see a prompt to authorize the connection.

After you approve this, you should see your Quest appear in File Explorer or Finder in the list of attached devices. Inside the Oculus folder, you’ll see folders named Screenshots and VideoShots containing your media. You may need to sort by date to show the latest ones (instead of sorting them by name).

After copying the files onto your computer, you can upload the videos to YouTube, share the images on social media, or do whatever else you desire with them.

Sync Your Captures Using the Oculus App

If you don’t want to go through the process of connecting your Quest to a computer to grab one image, you can instead sync it to the Oculus app on your phone.

If you don’t already have the Oculus app on your device, download it for Android or iOS. You’ll need to walk through the steps to sign in with your account and sync your headset; see our Oculus Quest 2 setup guide for more help.

Once your phone is ready, open the Files app on your headset, which appears in the Apps list (represented by the grid of squares on the main menu).

You’ll see Not Synced on any media that hasn’t been sent to the app. To sync automatically, make sure the Cloud icon at the top-right doesn’t have a slash through it; click this if it does.

To sync manually, hit the three-dot button on a file and choose Sync to add it to the app on your phone for 14 days.

You’ll then find any media you’ve synced in the Oculus app, on the Gallery tab. Select an image, then hit Share to copy it to your device or send it using any suitable app on your phone.

Share Oculus Quest Captures to Facebook

The only option for sharing media directly from the headset is to Facebook, which is unsurprising given that the company owns Oculus. To share to Facebook, go back to the Files app. Select the three-dot button on an item and choose Share, then pick where on Facebook you’d like to send it.

To share to other social media, you’ll need to use one of the above methods and post your videos or images using a separate device.

How to Cast Your Oculus Quest Gameplay

While not the same as saving screenshots or videos, it’s useful to know about the casting function of your Quest. This allows other people to watch as you play; if you like, you could also record gameplay or take screenshots on the linked device.

You can cast your Oculus Quest to the Oculus app on a smartphone, or to a browser on your PC, that’s on the same network as your headset. To start casting, select the Sharing tab from the main menu again. Choose Cast, then Oculus App or Computer.

If you’re casting to the app, you’ll get a notification on your phone that it’s ready. For casting to a browser, you’ll see instructions to visit a URL and log in with your Facebook account.

If you’re in a group and want everyone to watch the person playing, see how to cast games from your PC to a TV to get the cast on the big screen.

Share Your Oculus Captures Everywhere

Using these methods, it’s easy to capture and share screenshots and videos from your Quest or Quest 2 headset. The resolution isn’t that high, but it’s a good enough solution for sharing gameplay to YouTube or with friends.

If you’re new to Oculus, make sure you know how to get the most from your Quest with other tips.

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