Apple Car: Everything We Know So Far

Apple Car: Everything We Know So Far

Conjecture around the Apple Car first appeared in early 2013, when The New York Times mentioned that company founder Steve Jobs had previously told writer John Markoff about ambitions to produce a car. This claim was corroborated by contemporary Apple board member Mickey Drexler (via Fast Company). Of course, Jobs’ original vision for the project never took off due to his battle with cancer and his 2011 death.

In 2015, Business Insider reported that Apple had adopted the name “Project Titan,” with about 600 employees dedicated to research and development. Apple was both looking to compete with, and recruit talent away from, Tesla. Project Titan was almost certainly conceived as an electric vehicle, a more natural progression for an electronics company than a car powered by internal combustion. Around the same time, Apple brought Johann Jungwirth, former president of Mercedes-Benz’s North American R&D, into the fold (via Forbes).

Also in 2015, San Francisco’s KPIX found that modified Dodge Caravans had been registered to Apple. These vans were spotted with multiple roof-mounted cameras and what appeared to be LiDAR receivers, indicating that Apple was potentially collecting data surrounding the development of automated driver assistance. Throughout the Apple Car’s timeline, its electric power supply and semi-autonomous system remain a constant vision.

That September, the Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources claiming Project Titan was slated for a 2019 release. To achieve this quick turnaround, Apple planned to triple its automotive team. However, design challenges would see it delayed.


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