The best Find My-enabled accessories: AirTag, Chipolo, VanMoof, and more

The best Find My-enabled accessories: AirTag, Chipolo, VanMoof, and more

About a year ago, Apple announced that third-party accessories makers would be able to create products that integrate with the FInd My network. Here are the best products you can buy right now that can be located through the app.

Why do I need an accessory that integrates with the Find My network?

If you usually lose things around the house or just want to be aware of where you left your bike, bag, or any personal belonging, a Find My-enabled accessory is probably the best option you can find if you’re an Apple user.

With the Find My app, and the U1 chip power, you can locate your item with the Precision Find feature, receive a notification whether you left your belonging behind, or discover where it was if you lost it.

You can also make the accessory play a sound so you can easily find it. Not only that but the accessory is instantly paired with all your devices that use your Apple ID.

Here are the best Find My-enabled accessories:

Apple AirTag

Use RF power harvesting tech to keep AirTags charged

Let’s start with the one you probably know: the Apple AirTag. This item tracker features a small circular design with a white finish on the front and stainless steel back. It has IP67 water and dust resistance and a coin cell battery that can be replaced anytime you need it.

Each AirTag incorporates a U1 chip, which Apple says enables unique precision tracking features for users with the iPhone 11, 12, and 13. The U1 chip can be used to more accurately determine the distance and direction to a lost AirTag when it is in range, using what Apple calls “Precision Tracking.” 

The downside of the AirTag is that you need a key ring holder, leather loop, or another accessory to attach your AirTag to your headphone, keys, or whatever item. It costs $29, and you can find the AirTag here.

Chipolo ONE Spot

Chipolo ONE Spot

If you think that buying an AirTag and a keyring from Apple is too much, Chipolo also offers an AirTag competitor with its ONE Spot item tracker. Although similar to Apple’s counterpart, Chipolo ONE Spot offer a keyhole that doesn’t require you to buy a keyring or any other strap.

Chipolo’s option is cheaper, costing $28, but lacks one important feature: the U1 chip. Without it, users can’t use Precision Find to track a lost item – instead, they can only see approximately where their item is or make the ONE Spot make a sound. 9to5Mac’s Bradley Chambers talk about the item tracker in his review:

If you plan to put it on your keys, it might be safer to opt for the Chipolo product over the AirTags because of the rugged design. One bonus is the built-in keyhole, so you won’t have to buy a case to clip it to your keys. Like AirTags, it includes a user-replaceable battery so you can use it for years to come without having to trash it once the battery dies.

You can read Bradley’s full review here and buy Chipolo ONE Spot here.

VanMoof S3

Another company that offers Find My integration is VanMoof. With its bike VanMoof S3, not only does it offer a lot of technologies, but it’s also a great bike to ride. 9to5Mac‘s Ben Lovejoy was able to try it for a couple of weeks, and he had a great experience with the bike:

VanMoof bikes are also really impressive on the technological front, with a built-in lock and alarm, as well as the Find My function. Just kick a button near the rear wheel to apply the wheel lock and alarm. If anyone touches the bike, it growls at them, with a louder alarm if they keep moving it. It also sends an alert to your phone. When you return, the bike automatically unlocks as you come into Bluetooth range – or you can configure it in the app to wait until you are closer, or until you press the horn button. 

Should the worst happen, the bike can use a combination of GSM and Find My technology to track and report its location. If you choose VanMoof’s optional theft insurance, then the company’s own staff will locate and retrieve the bike for you – and replace it with a new one if they fail.

You can read Ben’s full review here. The VanMoof S3 is available from the company’s website here.

Chipolo Card Spot

Chipolo Card Spot Find My integration

When Apple announced the FInd My integration to third-party accessory makers, one of the first companies to jump in with Apple was Chipolo. Recently, Chipolo unveiled its Card Spot during CES 2022. Different from the AirTag, what’s interesting about this product is that it’s the perfect fit for your wallet, especially if you usually lose it.

Chipolo Card Spot is a credit card-shaped tracker. With Find My integration, the accessory can be paired with the Find My app on your iPhone and easily located using the Find My network. You can also receive a notification when you leave your wallet behind using the new “Notify When Left Behind” feature of iOS 15.

The company says it will start shipping in February and you can pre-order it now starting at $35.

Targus Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack


Slated to be available in spring or summer 2022 for $149.99, Targus announced late last year its Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack with built-in support for Apple’s Find My network.

The Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack is made from recycled water bottles and will be suitable for laptops with up to 16 inches. The company says that the backpack is “intelligently designed with a dedicated padded laptop compartment and plenty of pockets and storage compartments for carrying and organizing multiple devices and personal items.”

“With today’s mobile consumers who carry several devices and personal belongings, keeping track of them all can be challenging,” says Scott Elrich, Director, Global Product Management. “We have combined the latest Apple technology with a smart, carefully designed backpack that meets the needs of today’s mobile and eco-conscious consumers for superior comfort, convenience, and functionality – whether at home, in the office, or on the go.”

Wrap up

These are some of the products that offer Find My integration, even though Apple also offers some others that can be tracked within the Find My app. For example:

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