iPhone SE (2022) might still remind you of an older iPhone

iPhone SE (2022) might still remind you of an older iPhone


Apple’s iPhone SE is surprisingly still among the most sold iPhones, especially in the price-conscious developing markets. This is probably the reason that it is expected to get a successor soon.

While earlier reports suggested that this upcoming compact iPhone might carry a strikingly modern design somewhat similar to an iPhone 11, however, a new report reveals that this years’ iPhone SE (2022) might carry the same design that we saw in the last two iterations.

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Though this might disappoint many who expected a modern-looking compact iPhone, however, the good part of the leak is that this phone may have all the bells and whistles of a modern phone under the hood. The phone is expected to come with 5G connectivity.

To do so, Apple is reportedly planning to use the A15 Bionic chipset that powers the iPhone 13 lineup and this also means that Apple might be the only company globally with 100 percent 5G capable phones. Other reports suggest that the phone is already in the advanced stage of manufacturing and a launch in March is also on the cards. 

Ageing like an old wine 

While the iPhone SE is the only device that is slowest in terms of upgrades. The company also refreshes the lineup once in two years compared to the other phones and the latest leak also says that Apple wants to reuse the design from the 2017 phone.

It is also being said that the 2022 avatar may still retain the physical touch ID sensor instead of the FaceID that is used in most other Apple phones and the screen size is also expected to remain the same. The tipster also says that the slightly modern looking iPhone SE reminiscent of an iPhone XR or iPhone 11 will probably launch in 2024.

Despite this, the phone has been able to generate enough interest primarily because of the price point it sells at. A lot of first time Apple users from developing markets like India who want to experience an Apple phone but cannot afford a flagship iPhone opt for the iPhone SE. Further, it also helps people who prefer a compact phone and still use the phone primarily to make or receive calls. 

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January 6, 2022 at 08:58PM

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