Automating Pool Monitoring And Chemical Dosing

Automating Pool Monitoring And Chemical Dosing

Anyone who has had a backyard pool will know that it only takes a little lapsed attention to turn the whole thing green. For those sick of having to stay on top of things, the idea of automating pool care may be attractive. This project from [Discreet Mayor] hopes to do just that.

Data is graphed for easy analysis using Grafana.

The project uses a TI SimpleLink wireless-enabled microcontroller to run the show, which allows data to be offloaded to a base station for graphing with Grafana. The system can monitor pH levels as well as ORP (oxidation/reduction potential) levels using probes attached via BNC connectors. Based on these readings, the device can dose chlorine into the pool as needed using a peristaltic pump driven by a TI DRV8426 stepper motor driver.

We’d want to keep a close eye on the system for some time, making sure it wasn’t over or underdosing the pool with chemicals. However, that’s easy enough to do when all the data is logged neatly in a web-accessible graph.

We’ve seen other hackers implement similar controls to their own pools, too. If you’ve been working on your own home automation projects, be sure to drop us a line.


via Blog – Hackaday

October 23, 2021 at 04:16PM

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