Furious Dad Of Brian Laundrie Trashes Gabby Petito Protest Sign After Late 22-Year-Old’s Family Slam Him #gossip

Furious Dad Of Brian Laundrie Trashes Gabby Petito Protest Sign After Late 22-Year-Old’s Family Slam Him

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Brian Laundrie‘s dad Christopher came out from his residence in Florida and trashed one of Gabby Petito‘s signs left by the protestors in his front yard.

On Sunday, protestors also reportedly gathered outside of Brian’s to continue putting pressure on the Laundries. They chanted, “Justice for Gabby,” which prompted the police to arrive in the area to monitor the situation after receiving a complaint from a neighbor.

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Source: @gabspetito/Instagram

Brian’s dad was caught yesterday removing a yellow sign next to a large photo of Gabby that read, “What if this happened to Cassie?”

The sign referred to his daughter, which is Brian’s sister. She had been vocal about his brother’s disappearance and even did an interview with Good Morning America to address Gabby’s case.

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During the interview, she claimed that she does not know where Brian is but hopes that he is still alive because she claimed that she wants “answers just as much as everybody else.”

Cassie also admitted that she would have turned him into police herself and even urged him to “come forward.”

“No, I don’t know where Brian is – I’d turn him in,” she told the interviewer. “I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess.”

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This also comes after Petito’s family went after the Laundries during an interview with the Australian TV show 60 Minutes. Gabby’s dad said if the Laundrie family kept any information about their son, they were “cruel.”

“If they do not know something and they’re withholding that, and they don’t want to let us know, it’s cruel,” Joe explained.

While Gabby’s mom was convinced that Brian’s parents knew some information regarding her daughter’s death before branding their son as a “coward.”

“They know most of the information, I don’t know why they’re doing this to us. I feel like we need to just know, at this point,” she shared.

As Radar previously reported, Brian has been missing for almost a month after his parents claimed he left their home for a solo hike in Carlton Reserve on Sept. 13, but he reportedly never returned. His parents later filed a report for his missing on Sept. 17.

Within the same week, Gabby’s body was discovered near a hidden campsite where she and Brian had allegedly visited in Wyoming. The coroner later ruled she had died from homicide by manual strangulation.

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Authorities are still searching for Brian. The FBI also issued an arrest warrant after they found he had attempted to use an “unauthorized” credit card that presumably belonged to Gabby during her disappearance.


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October 17, 2021 at 04:35PM

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