Blog: Why does TikTok hate Matthew Morrison so much? – Yahoo Sports

Glee became a cultural phenomenon once again when the world entered quarantine. People began to realize several years later that the show was even more exaggerated (and problematic) than they remembered. The character that got the most hate by far, was one William Schuester — the break-dancing, rapping, bad-decision- making show choir instructor everyone loved to hate. He delivered cringe-y lines like, “You’re all minorities, you’re in the glee club,” and people’s qualms about him didn’t stop there. In a TikTok from October, user @mic.tok humorously accused the fictional Schuester of a series of crimes, . including “using child soldiers” and “directing attacks toward civilians,” all while sharing clips of his unusual dance numbers involving his students. A satirical petition titled “Send Matthew Morrison to Guantanamo Bay” has received more than 18,000 signatures. Many TikTok videos of him now come with a content warning to “watch at your own risk”

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