Blog: Scalp popping is the latest TikTok trend you’re not going to like – Yahoo Sports

You probably know you can pop your fingers, your neck and your back. According to TikTok, you can pop your scalp as well. The trend, which is also called hair cracking, has people both fascinated and concerned. The hashtag has garnered more than 6.5 million views over the past few days. In a video, which has 5 million views and more than 800,000 likes, user @yanasemerly and her friend each take a small section of the other’s hair, twist it around their fingers and pull it up. They both freak out when it makes a popping noise. Other users tried it and got the same results. Commenters who tried it out, though, didn’t necessarily have the same experience. “Directions unclear and now I have a bald spot,” one wrote. Jon Musgrave, an NYC-based licensed massage therapist, told Health that even though there isn’t much information about the practice online, it’s been around for many years. He said that anyone who tries it out should be wary that you could potentially tear the skin or connective tissue underneath your scalp

Source: tiktok

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