Blog: Ask Malala Yousufzai anything and get an answer back on TikTok –

The youngest laureate to receive a Nobel Prize for her impressive achievements in education, Malala Yousufzai has just joined TikTok and will be taking all the questions you have for her.

In a recent video uploaded on her Instagram, the Oxford graduate introduced herself as a 23-year-old girls’ education activist, asking people to donate to her fund on account of Giving Tuesday.

“Some of you might already know me, you might have heard my UN speech or might have read my book I am Malala, while some of you might not know me, so i’ll briefly introduce myself,” she said, adding that she was fond of shoes, comedy and reading books.

“I’ve also done campaigning and advocacy for 12 years for education and safe quality of education for all girls around the world,” she added, encouraging people to donate to her cause and support her fundraising campaign for sending girls to school.

“In return I will be answering some of the questions you send today,” she urged fellow Tiktokers.

Source: tiktok

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